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Personal Tax return filing for an individual with salary income.

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(ITR eFiling) Income Tax Filing

Return TypeApplicability
ITR-1ITR-1 form can be used by Individuals who have less than Rs.50 Lakhs of annual income earned by way of salary or pension and have one house property only.
ITR-2ITR-2 form must be filed by individuals who are NRIs, Directors of Companies, shareholders of private companies or having capital gains income, income from foreign sources, two or more house property, income of more than Rs.50 lakhs.
ITR-3ITR-3 form must be filed by individuals who are professionals or persons who are operating a proprietorship business in India.
ITR-4ITR-4 form can be filed by taxpayers enrolled under the presumptive taxation scheme. To be enrolled for the scheme, the taxpayer must have less than Rs.2 crores of business income or less than Rs.50 lakhs of professional income.
ITR-5ITR-5 form must be filed by partnership firms, LLPs, associations and body of individuals to report their income and computation of tax.
ITR-6ITR-6 form must be filed by companies registered in India.
ITR-7ITR-7 form must be filed by entities claiming exemption as charitable/religions trust, political parties, scientific research insitutions and colleges or universities.

Its is mandatory for individuals, NRIs, partnership firms, LLPs, companies and Trust to file income tax returns each year. Individuals and NRIs are required to file income tax return, if their income exceeds Rs.2.5 lakhs per annum. Proprietorship firms and partnership firms are required income tax return – irrespective of amount of income or loss. All companies and LLPs are mandatorily required to file income tax return, irrespective of turnover or profit. IndiaFilings provides income tax efiling services with dedicated Tax Expert support. Upload your Form-16, sit back and relax. Our experts will file your income tax return and provide you the acknowledgement within 1 – 2 business days.

Personal tax filing service in Delhi

CA Vishal Madan: leading Personal Tax Filing Service in Delhi

Every taxpayer has a fundamental obligation to file their own taxes. The procedure requires notifying the tax authorities about the earnings, tax deductions and credits, and other relevant financial data. The timely and accurate filing of tax returns reduces the possibility of penalties or audits and guarantees compliance with tax rules. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of paying personal taxes, which frequently causes worry and disorientation for people. Vishal Madan is a licensed Chartered Accountant (CA) who can help make the procedure much easier. CA Vishal Madan is a well-known financial expert in Delhi providing clients with individualized and trustworthy personal tax filing services in Delhi to ensure they quickly fulfill their tax obligations while optimizing their returns.

Why Choose CA Vishal Madan for personal tax filing service in Delhi

Following are the reasons why you should choose Vishal Madan for getting personal tax filing service in Delhi

• Knowledge and expertise: Vishal Madan is a professional CA with a wealth of knowledge in tax preparation and planning. His comprehensive understanding of tax regulations and laws empowers him to offer specialized solutions that ensure he takes into account each client’s particular financial circumstances.

• Individualized Strategy: He is aware that every person has a unique tax position. He takes the time to evaluate each client’s financial situation before creating individualized plans to maximize their tax returns while abiding with the law.

• Comprehensive Services: Vishal Madan and co. provides a comprehensive range of tax-related services, from tax planning to tax return filing. His knowledge of personal taxation encompasses all facets, regardless of whether you are a salaried worker, a self-employed professional, or a business owner.

• Stress-Free Process: Clients who consult with Vishal Madan may relax knowing that their tax issues are in good hands. He makes tax filing simple, ensuring that his clients have a stress-free experience.

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Vishal Madan and co. is a highly reputable CA firm in Delhi which is offering tax filing services since long time. CA Vishal Madan’s personal tax filing services in Delhi is an absolute choice for you if you are looking for expert help for the tax concerns. He has gained the trust and happiness of many clients because of his knowledge, individualized approach, and complete services. Trust Vishal Madan with your tax filing requirements for a hassle-free and financially beneficial tax experience. Consult with our reputable Chartered Accountant today to take the first step toward a secure tax filing. contact CA Vishal Madan today!